ISF Radio Podcast #012 w/ Murat Acar

Hartojo: First weekend of 2018, our first show,, number #12.
Hello friends and listeners. I hope everybody had a great start into 2018 as we did.
Berlin was Ausnahmezustand as usual, but we survived and we are back in the game.

Next week is already our Sonntags Unfug @Suicide Circus, this time with Channel X.
We also invited our friends Nox and Syper from Fuse Records from Portugal, and they
will play along side Dominik Vaillant, Mon Groove and me, Hartojo.

Save the date, Sunday, 14th of January.

Our guest for todays show is Marat Acar, founder of the Authentish techno label and resident at Dr. Vogel in Osnabrück.

Murat Acer:

Hallo, mein name ist Murat Acar und das ist mein Podcast
für ItSoundsFuture. Und ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim hören.


Tracklist ISF Radio Podcast #012 w/ Murat Acar:

01. Christian Fischer – International (Intro Version)
02. Die Vogelperspektive – Talent Freaks
03. David Pher – Alternative Facts
03. Stanny Abraham – Destiny
04. Luuk Van Dijk – Aural Slap
05. Raw District – Shame
06. Mateo – Close
07. John Tejada – Switch Mode
08. Alan Fitzpatrick – Rhino
09. Lorenzo Totti – It’s Like That
10. Gorge – Phat Dripping


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