Exium – Non-Cellular Life EP (Pole Group, PoleGroup52)

Pick of the weekend: Exium – Non-Cellular Life EP (Pole Group, PoleGroup52)

Spanish duo Exium return to Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup with four dazzling techno cuts titled ‘Non-Cellular Life EP’.

PoleGroup celebrated their 50th release this year through a three-part release from Selección Natural – a project comprising label boss Oscar Mulero, Reeko and Exium.

Héctor Sandoval and Valentín Corujo of Exium are without doubt true pioneers of the Spanish techno scene and with almost two decades of releases to their name, not to mention a countless number of DJ and live performances, their reputation is something to behold. Their discography includes works on Planet Rhythm and their own Nheoma label, as well as separate solo projects as Tensal and Kessel releasing on labels like Soma and Granulart.

‘Non-Celluar Life’ opens things up with punchy kicks layered with looping transcendental synth swirls stylistically maintained when progressing into ‘Inner Mind’ that delivers dynamic sound design through waves of white noise sweeps and stabbing percussion.

‘Immune Response’ follows with murky pulsations balanced with undulating minimalism evoking a hypnotic atmosphere that continues into ‘Host Range’ through a syncopated drum pattern scattered with shattering high hats and alluring crunchy flutters.Exium

‘Non-Cellular Life EP’ drops on PoleGroup on 19th October 2018.

Tracklist: Exium – Non-Cellular Life EP (Pole Group, PoleGroup52)

01. Non-Cellular Life
02. Inner mind
03. Immune Response
04. Host Range

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