Drumcomplex – Cosmos EP (Complexed Records, CMPL050)

Pick of the weekend: Drumcomplex – Cosmos EP (Complexed Records, CMPL050)

Experienced Drumcomplex, notorious for the wide spectrum of electronic music which ranges from hard and raw to melodic and deep, is back with a new EP Cosmos via his own label Complexed Records.

The thick percussive beats variegated with dreamy pitches of opening track “Cosmos” Mastered to the drum kicked, gripping, dark track “Go” featuring Yeni, will keep you hyper for hours with its simple but effective voice whispering ‘go’. The EP concludes with “Yin Yang”, reflected through the Chinese philosophy of how seemingly opposite forces may actually be complementary to one another. This idea is undeniably revealed in the track through the mix of strong vocal and sharp industrial beats that interconnect and clearly still work

Tracklist: Drumcomplex – Cosmos EP (Complexed Records, CMPL050)

01. Drumcomplex – Cosmos
02. Drumcomplex feat. Yeni – Go
03. Drumcomplex – Yin Yang

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