Das Spezial – Assembling Personal Realities EP (Spezial, SPEZIAL03)

Our Thursday selection: Das Spezial – Assembling Personal Realities EP (Spezial, SPEZIAL03)

The mysterious Das Spezial continues to mix up house, breakbeat, techno and psychedelic sounds with their own sense of dancefloor fun on a third release that comes hot on the heels of the first blistering two.

Despite being a new artist for 2019, Das Spezial—who enlists Steve Dubs, The Chemical Brothers’s engineer, and Peace Division’s Justin Drake to contributee—is already generating plenty of interest from artists wanting to work with him, and press wanting to cover him. From DJ Bone to Stacey Pullen, Ben Sims to Ewan Pearson, DJs are also keen to be dropping his work and this new EP is another treasure trove of top-class club tunes.

Kicking off the EP is ‘Man Without Head’, a twisting and turning industrial track that writhes like a monster and will tear up any set. The excellent ‘Cupid and Centaur’ then takes us on a dark and heavy, yet somehow zoned out techno trip into a cavernous unground warehouse, and ‘Daphne and Apollo’ has another brilliantly unsettling vibe thanks to the hulking hits and kicks, whirring machines and feeling that you hear a dystopian world in meltdown.

After the cantering and acid-laced techno of ‘Side Show Budapest,’ the superb ‘Saviour of the Primates’ shows off yet another side to this artist’s game as it explores sparse dub landscapes pregnant with menace. Closing things out is ‘Feast of the Fools’, a blistering techno roller with whip-snapping hits and oodles of energy that will bring real character to the club.

This is another effective EP of widely infused sounds from someone who clearly knows their stuff.

Tracklist: Das Spezial – Assembling Personal Realities EP (Spezial, SPEZIAL03)

01. Man Without Head
02. Cupid and Centaur
03. Daphne and Apollo
04. Side Show Budapest
05. Saviour of the Primates
06. Feast of the Fools

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