Camilo Sanjuan – Nifer (Lost On You, LOY008)

Our Wednesday selection: Camilo Sanjuan – Nifer (Lost On You, LOY008)

Head-spinning charity sounds with Camilo Sanjuan’s ‘Nifer’ EP
Now a mainstay of the Beatport emerging charts, Lost On You are still the first and only record label completely devoted to charity. Every copy of Camilo Sanjuan’s ‘Nifer’ EP sold goes towards farming aid, food relief, Vitamin A supplements and medical supplies in the poorest swathes of Africa. And if that wasn’t enough, Spanish mastering engineer-cum-producer Sanjuan might also have whirled up the best electronica EP you hear this Summer.

Proceedings open up with ’Nifer’. Twisted hands-in-the-air electro bass riffs smoulder into cheeky organic house textures while an ominous wind whistles in the back. Ghostly figures open up doors all around you, inviting you into dens of reckless abandon where the all-night revellers wink with misty eyes. There’s almost a balearic quality to ’Nifer’ as it retracts and curls back on itself, all while moving definitely forward onto the dawn. A proper sub-120 head-spinner for the playful parties that take nothing seriously but music.

Second track ‘Bujariego’ carries the cosmic feel forward with atmospheric rolls and arpeggios over beautifully textured beats. Sanjuan takes your hand and whisks you into his disco-tinged universe, where mysterious instruments come to pray before the sanctity of the sweep and layered claps roll over laughing on their side. ?
Finally, ‘Avenguareme’ shakes its way across a desert plain by day, waiting for nightfall where it howls to the stars in a minute-and-a-half breakdown, culminating in a drop designed to alter the mind. It’s full of subtle delays and looped atmospheric samples, making for a 4am game-changer for the discerning DJ’s arsenal.

This is fiery electro business for the more judicious selectors out there, and the proceeds from each and every copy are going to help make a positive difference in this world. Don’t sleep on this one.

Tracklist: Camilo Sanjuan – Nifer (Lost On You, LOY008)

01. Camilo Sanjuan – Nifer(Original Mix)
02. Camilo Sanjuan – Bujariego(Original Mix)
03. Camilo Sanjuan – Avenguareme(Original Mix)

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