AnGy KoRe – Clarion (Himmel, HML001)

Pick of the week: AnGy KoRe with Clarion on Himmel, HML001.

Press release: It’s an album with eclectic ideas, that break the normal standard and includes influences of different forms.

It’s the old school meets the modern sound, a kind of alternative techno that want to smash the conventional rules and want to touch different music shades.

It’s a collection of powerful tracks characterized from strong grooves, distorted percussions and fat basses, mixed with dynamic synths and catchy vocals, all combinated in dark atmos- pheres.

From acid sound to melodic, from hard beat to groovy, all of these tracks are different from each other.
Every track has its own identity, its own soul that makes it unique,
but they has in common only one thing: break the dancefloor!

Tracklist: AnGy KoRe – Clarion (Himmel, HML001)

01. Clarion
02. Get Up
03. Sorry Lady
04. Time To Cut Your Nails
05. I Wanna You
06. Weisser Stein
07. Perc

08. Flat Tummy
09. Random Vocals
10. Tamago

11. Come Inside 12. White Skin
13. The Final Round

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