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27. July 2017 • BLOG, NEWS

SUPERBOOTH17 Workshop Videos

Berlin, 27. July 2017 – More modular synthesizer news for the summer!
Summary of content: First Workshop Video of SUPERBOOTH17 online later this week. Gammon plans modular synthesizer ensemble workshop at DEFINE Festival. SchneidersLaden will be present at Krake and Atonal festivals in Berlin.

SUPERBOOTH17 Workshop Videos

1. More regularly unregular video releases of Workshops and Performances from SUPERBOOTH17,
SchneidersLaden and SchneidersBuero. Herr Schneider invited Gammon to his new video studio in
Berlin Kreuzberg, where they talked about the ideas behind the workshops Gammon held during
These workshops were specifically designed for school children. The participants were students from
schools in Berlin Mitte and Neukölln. With 10 individually configured modular synthesizers the group
was able to create different musical voices to interact and complement each other in a unique
composition that can be heard in one of the following videos. Besides some technical aspects of the
machines the children were working with, there was a focus on parallels to physical sounding
objects. These sounds are part of the wide range of sonic opportunities that can be found on
modular synthesizers.
2. In November Gammon plans to do a 3-day workshop at DEFINE Festival in Sønderborg, Denmark.
The concept for this workshop is to create a Modular Synthesizer Ensemble with the participants and
to be able to play a concert on the last day of the festival.

3. Tomorrow SchneiderLaden, Doepfer and other manufacturers of modular synthesizers will be
present at the Label Boutique Market of KRAKE Festival in Berlin. The festival invited lots of
independent music labels to spend the day together at the Label Boutique in order to create a
familiar space for Berlins vibrant electronic music scene. So if you are curious about this gathering or
the special path of creating electronic music with modulars make sure to say hello.

4. In August the Atonal Festival will happen in Berlin. The venue will be the outstanding Kraftwerk
again, with its impressive size and appearance. One of the most remarkable rooms of the building is
the former control center. SchneidersLaden will be there with some modular synthesizers – a perfect
combination to the complexity that has been controlled from this room during the past.

Chronological Summary:

28. July
Label Boutique Market – KRAKE Festival, Berlin: SchneidersLaden, Doepfer and others

29. July
Release of the first SUPERBOTH17 Workshop Video: Modular Synthesizer Ensemble with school
children, by Gammon (You can find the video at

16. – 20. August
Berlin Atonal: SchneidersLaden will be present in the control room with an installation of some nice
modular synthesizers

10. – 12. November
DEFINE Festival, Sønderborg, Denmark: Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, by Gammon

Make sure to check out the new Event Calendar at for the latest updates on modular

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24. January 2017 • BLOG, EVENT, NEWS

4 years Lauter Unfug @Studio 21 // Luxemburg

Itsoundsfuture made the first commercial teaser for Lauter Unfug Music. They celebrate their 4 year anniversary with Gregor Tresher, Alexander Aurel, Alex Heide, Riven, Fonclair, phateric and Drimyn @Studio 21, Luxemburg.
If you like the teaser and want it too, hit us up via the form .

4 Years Lauter Unfug

With Gregor Tresher, Alexander Aurel, Alex Heide, Riven, Fonclair, phateric and Drimyn.

Date: 03.02.2017

Location: Studio 21, Luxemburg

▬▬▬▬ 4 Years! ▬▬▬▬

Come on a safari with us….

Join us for our anniversary at Studio 21. As always, the line-up features some of our favs as well as our closest friends showing their support over the years, our residents Riven, Alex Heide, phateric, Fonclair and Drimyn.

The headliners are two exceptional artists from Frankfurt am Main:

Gregor Tresher from Break New Soil Recordings, Drumcode& Cocoon Recordings and we are happy to have him back in Luxembourg.

Alexander Aurel, resident on Karotte’s party “As You Like” & producer for Monika Kruse‘s label “Terminal M Records” will assure that every last one attending will be dancing.

Thanks for your support over those four years and hopefully, the many years to come!

Facebook event

4 Years Lauter Unfug @Studio 21 -

4 Years Lauter Unfug @Studio 21 –

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Itsoundsfuture goes ONE!

Exactly one year ago, I started this epic journey and published my mission statement on Facebook. Of course, it was a high risk. I bet all my money on this horse. But I believed in it.
And I believed in you.
365 days later … What a RIDE! Everything was and is working out, the ISF tribe is growing constantly because people like you are interested in our journey …

Thank YOU! And yes universe, thank you too!

The Itsoundsfuture journey in 2016

So what happened?

Our new YouTube Trailer sums it up beautifully. But of course, there was more going on …

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23. December 2016 • BLOG, BURNING MAN, NEWS

The future has landed – ItSoundsFuture 2017 Trailer

It’s here! – The future!

2017, here we come. Baaameräng.

ItSoundsFuture 2017 Trailer

ItSoundsFuture 2017 Trailer

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30. November 2016 • BLOG, EVENT, NEWS

Save the date: Superbooth 2017 (20.-22.04.17)

We are already super excited about the 2nd Superbooth music fair in Berlin.
Save the date: 20. – 22. April 2017. Part of the itsoundsfuture crew will be worshipping the San Clan in the desert of South Afrika by the time. But team Berlin will be there. Watch out for us!

SUPERBOOTH is the first European trade fair for electronic musical instruments. The second annual edition will be held from April 20th-22nd, 2017 at a new location, FEZ-Berlin.

 At its basis, SUPERBOOTH17 remains what made the last event so special in 2016: a colourful, lively, passionate organized trade fair, with workshops for beginners and advanced users, round tables and product presentations. In addition to the exhibition stands, there will once again be around 30 daily concerts and live performances with artistic representatives of all musical genres.

In the coming year, the focus will be on the encouragement of the competence and capabilities for the next generations. The FEZ-Berlin was built as the “Pionierpalast” during the GDR time and contains various specialized designed rooms, studios, lecture and concert halls which make the FEZ an ideal venue for this purpose. In addition to a flexible event space, there is an integrated modern technical equipment, allowing ease for planning.

As opposed to last years venue, with the well-organized design of the FEZ-building and land, the paths for visitors and exhibitors are shortened, as the exhibitor areas, studios, workshop rooms and food performance court are closer together and spread barrier-free over three floors. With the rooftop restaurant, several bars and larger outdoor area, there are endless opportunities for a communicative gathering. Of course, again we will provide our culinary mile, where you can enjoy a wide range of food and drinks while listening to experimental sounds from the Sea Side Stage.

Through workshops, lectures, performances and the fair, SUPERBOOTH17 has set out the goal of providing young people and inexperienced users with specialized expertise. For this purpose, the entire lower foyer and outdoor areas will be freely accessible and offer individual workrooms, educational stands and outside facilities for meeting, eating and experiencing a high level of live performances.

Further details on the three-day program can be seen on our website and will be regularly updated until the beginning of the fair. You can also keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter at

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH17

20. – 22. April 2017
FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin-Wuhlheide

Daily Program:
10 am – 6 pm Registered Workshops (Concert Hall 2)
10 am – 2 pm Trade Fair Exhibitors & Registered Trade Visitors (Mezzanine, 1st Floor) ** 12 am – 2 pm Trade Fair Public Entry (Ground Floor, Outdoor Areas)

2 pm – 7 pm Trade Fair Open (all areas) * 12 pm – 11pm Concerts, Presentations, Evening Program * *= with valid Visitor Ticket **= only Trade Visitor Ticket


Boat shuttle – Ex Jannowitzbrücke
Daily – 8 am (Exhibitors), 9 am (Registered Trade Visitors), 11 am, 2pm & 5pm (All participants) Daily return travel from the Yoga Hotel Essentis is available from 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm. The nightly return shuttles are at 9:30 pm and 12:00 am. (reservations recommended)

Line 3 from Ostkreuz until Station Wuhlheide (direction Erkner). From the station one can enjoy a pleasant 15 minute walk or go directly onwards to the venue with the:

(at S-Bahn Station Wuhlheide) Daily 10am through 2 pm in 10 minute intervals. 2pm through 7pm every 20 min.

Here are photos from the last event.

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17. November 2016 • BLOG, NEWS

Houston, we are back!

Yes. We are back! After a true blue monday our emergency system is fully up an running.

The AMD Radeon 6970M issue on late 2011 27″ iMacs

After pushing our mainframe beyond what’s possible the AMD Radeon 6970M gfx card died, otherwise our first video interview with the lovely Jamaica Suk would be already online. Also the windows laptop lined up in failing mode, but that’s not unusual like it’s for the Mac. It turns out, that the AMD Radeon 6970M card which came with the late 2011 27″ iMac was faulty from the beginning. But lucky like we are, the replacement program lasting 4 years is already one year off.

imac-mba thunderbolt disk target mode

imac-mba thunderbolt disk target mode

Thanks to target disk mode via thunderbolt we had access to the hard drive: the video project files with more than 20GB were not backed up by our system before the crash. But first you need the thunderbolt cable. 35 bucks for 0,5m! Now you understand why Apple is filthy rich …

Cutting Novation part II at itsoundsfuture studios.

Cutting Novation part II at itsoundsfuture studios.

But we used the offtime to finish the second video for Novation, and we are again super thrilled to put it out into the video orbit. Coming really, really soon ( if our emergency system won’t die as well ).
Here is a sneak peek shot, and there is a rumour that you may find more footage in our social media profiles like Instagram or Twitter.



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4. November 2016 • BLOG, EVENT, NEWS

Upcoming: Heroines of Sound 2016 in Berlin

Curated by Bettina Wackernagel, Mo Loschelder and Sabine Sanio, the Heroines of Sound Festival, now in its third year, stages past and present heroines of electronic sound. Prior to the festival, the Heroines Editions will present electronic sounds and film screenings in a more intimate setting at Ausland (November 6th) and AcudMachtNeu (November 17th).

In concerts, installations, performances, videos and discussion events of various formats, early female electronic music is presented together with female artists who are transforming and performatively interpreting electronic sound today at the highest levels of pop and electronic/classical music. By opening up new perspectives, the Heroines of Sound make the quality and variety of female artists in the area of electronic music both audible and visible.

In 2016 the Heroines of Sound are dedicated to two main focal points. To this day, the music of Beatriz Ferreyra and Christine Groult, two composers associated with the Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), still qualifies as an insider’s tip. Another focus lies on Cathy Berberian (1925–1983), the most significant pioneer of new vocal practice in the 20th century. Berberian’s art, which shows little concern about archaic aesthetic imperatives and shows all aspects of the human voice, was style- building for generations of composers and performers.

The concerts include vocal chamber music with electronics, works by John Cage and Luciano Berio written especially for Cathy Berberia, interpreted by Anna Clementi and by Ute Wassermann, and performances by Natalie Beridze and Sofia Härdig, as well as electronic performances by Annette Krebs, Audrey Chen and theremin virtuoso Dorit Chrysler. The Ensemble KNM presents a portrait concert with works by French-born composer Clara Maïda, who is now living in Berlin, as well as a world premiere of the young French composer and artist Loïse Bulot, who presents her graphic musical scores for the first time in Germany with her work InSomis. In addition, the program includes: multi-channel computer music by Elisabeth Schimana, Clara Maïda, Lucrecia Dalt’s conceptual electronic sound, and an experimental DJ set by JD Zazie.

Another highlight of the festival is the performative sound, light, video and space installation SHIROSHI by the Berlin-based artist Miako Klein. Inspired by Kenya Haras’ Reflections on Japanese Aesthetics (White, 2007/2014), this installation, created as a triology, offers an energetic field, oscillating between emptiness and abundance, and gives the viewer a space of perception in which concentration and imagination merge. Miako Klein developed SHIROSHI within her artist residency (2014/2015) at the Akademie Schloss Solitude. SHIROSHI will be presented for the first time to the public as part of the Heroines of Sound festival from 08.12 to 11.12.2016.

The programme will be rounded off by two discussion events on the key aspects of the festival. The first panel will use this opportunity to focus on the composers of the GRM from a historical perspective. The second panel aims to elucidate the constellation between the composer and the interpreter, based on the work of the vocalist Cathy Berberian. We will examine the creative relationship between composition and performance.

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25. October 2016 • BLOG, MUSIC, NEWS

HARTOJO @Panoptikum Des Unsichtbaren, Berlin 2016-10-02

Mongroove and me where invited for the Panoptikum Des Unsichtbaren Festival, Berlin. Recorded first hour of my set. Enjoy!

Find the Panoptikum set in your favorite network as well:

Listen on mixcloud.
Listen on hearthis.

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21. October 2016 • BLOG, MUSIC, NEWS, TECH

Itsoundsfuture goes YouTube

It’s Friday fellas!
And today, itsoundsfuture has something really SPECIAL for you(tube) 😉

Oh yeah. Again.

Today we launched from Cape Kreuzberg Air Force Base Station successfully mission Deep Space II (ISF.Youtube) in order support our itsoundsfuture love mothership and space station, being in the orbit since Jan 2016. In just 10 month we get now huge support by Novation, and together we do a five parts series to reach deep into unknown territory, the Youtube galaxy.

Part of the first, fearless and already legendary crew of explorers are our master of disaster Mongroove, the man for all seasons Matthias Horn ( also our current brand model ) and our commander, Hartojo.

Check out our very first production which we are SUPER excited to show to YOU and the world …

The first mission
We have to reach 500 youtube followers, otherwise we can’t change this UGLY CHANNEL URL:

So people, follow, share, like or comment if you feel like, it definitely helps us on our first mission. You can expect more THRILLING QUALITY CONTENT in the future from the isf crew! We already deliver video in 1080p, shot by two cameras, all wrapped up with freakin’ warm and crystal clear sound.

Tech House with Novation Launchpad Pro & Hartojo

Tech House with Novation Launchpad Pro & Hartojo

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2. August 2016 • BLOG, NEWS

Slam announces new album – Maschine Cut Noise

The legendary Scottish techno duo Slam announces the forthcoming album, Machine Cut Noise.

Slam Press Picture -

Slam Press Picture –

Slam – Machine Cut Noise (Soma Records)

At their 6th full length in a 25+ years long career, Machine Cut Noise is due out via Soma Records, label they co-founded in 1991, after 2 years from their last one. It will be available both on vinyl and digital, out respectively on October 28th and December 9th.

With the double vinyl album, Machine Cut Noise, Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle delve into the everyday workings of what makes us human; with life, so to speak, running at the very heart of album. Much of their time is spent on the road, therefore, many of the original ideas for the album were created in airports, hotels and where ever the two found themselves inspired around the world. This created a vibe that each track was born of the modern machine itself.

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