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16. October 2017 • BERLIN, EVENT

Sonntags Unfug @Suicide Circus w/ The Horrorist LIVE 22.10.17

ISF Productions did another trailer, this time for a very special artist – THE HORRORIST!
I perfectly remember that night, that night I heard this bombtrack in the Stammheim club in Kassel, getting goosebumps instantly … even more I am super happy that we convinced him for our massive party next Sunday(!). Analogue Audio, Audio Department, Lauter Unfug and FHLR Musik in da house!

INFO (German only):

Zum Sonntags Unfug laden wir euch ein,
gutgelaunt und locker sollt ihr sein!
Natürlich gibt´s auch was zum Tanzen
und etwas Flüssiges zum Schlabbern.
Und dies zu vermerken kann nicht schaden:
paar Gäste mehr sind eingeladen.
Das war es, was zu sagen war.
Wir hoffen, nun ist alles klar!

▬▬▬▬ Line-Up ▬▬▬▬:

The Horrorist LIVE
(Things to Come Records, Credo)

Aki Bergen & Richter
(Armada, Parquet rec., Lauter Unfug)

Circle of Life
(Suara, Moonbootique, Lauter Unfug)

(Lauter Unfug, Time Has Changed, Stylerockets)

Dominik Vaillant
(Lauter Unfug, Analogue Audio)

Hartojo b2b Mon Groove
(Fehler Musik, Lauter Unfug)

Patrick Bell
(Audio Departement)

(Lauter Unfug)

Flo Becker

Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein, es sollte auch Bier und Wein dabei sein.
Lauter Unfug Analogue Audio Audio Department Fehler-Musik

Ticket im Vorverkauf kaufen und ohne Anstehen rein kommen:

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1. September 2017 • BERLIN, BLOG, EVENT

Save the date: Superbooth 2018 (03.-05.05.18)

SUPERBOOTH18 will return to FEZ Berlin in 2018: 03. – 05. May

2018 SUPERBOOTH18 is the first and the largest European trade fair for electronic musical instruments, giving you the opportunity to experience the latest innovations and rare instruments. At SUPERBOOTH18 the visitors get the chance to meet a large number of exhibitors from all over the world in an incomparable atmosphere. In addition to the exhibition stands, there will be around 30 daily concerts and live performances, workshops and talks taking place again.

Due to the strong demand for this years exhibition space it was not possible to fit all interested exhibitors to the floor plan. For next years edition there will be an extra area for those manufacturers who could not take part in 2017 and for new candidates. With this extra room it is possible to expand the range of product categories shown at SUPERBOOTH18 for an even more complete experience. Because of the great success in 2017 the organizers have decided to return to FEZ Berlin in 2018 and develop the event in the same venue. The unique design of the FEZ building, the outside-area, the exhibitor areas, studios, workshop rooms and food court provide an excellent basis for SUPERBOOTH18 and they are spread barrier-free over three floors.

The very well received show program of this years SUPERBOOTH17 has been recorded and edited in the past weeks. Selected concerts and performances will be released online within the next months. This is a nice opportunity for everyone who hasn’t been able to see the show program of SUPERBOOTH17 to get an impression of the atmosphere of this incomparable event.

SchneidersLaden presents: SUPERBOOTH18
03. – 05. May 2018
FEZ Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin-Wuhlheide

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17. July 2017 • BLOG, EVENT

(Deutsch) Rave the Castle Festival @Castle Béckléck 22./23.07.17

Festival season! Next weekend we are going to the Rave The Castle Festival in Luxembourg, and my partner in Crime Mon Groove and me are playing the techno stage.

Press release:

▬▬▬▬ Rave The Castle Festival #1 ▬▬▬▬

Lauter Unfug and Secret Society gather their forces for a small but intense festival experience in the deep south of Luxembourg. They will take over the castle club (ex. Beckleck) in the middle of the Forest for a very special underground rave party with one of the hugest Line-Ups of the year. The once famous spot for unforgettable underground events is coming back to life, better than ever before!

Join us for this very exclusive experience!

▬▬▬▬ Line – UP ▬▬▬▬

▬ La Terrazza by Lauter Unfug

◘ Riven (Lauter Unfug, Time Has Changed)
◘ Maximillion (Tonkind, Mauve)
◘ Alex Heide (Lauter Unfug, Tonkind)
◘ PHAT ERIC b2b Fonclair (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Mongroove b2b Hartojo (Fehler Musik, Burning Bär Berlin)
◘ Double T (Pitch Mouvement)
◘ Alberto Stocco (Onis Sound Collective)
◘ Kitchenguard (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Flore
◘ Lucia

▬ Dining Room by Modulhertz rec

◘ Miss Nat-H-Lee (Strange Agency)
◘ CHICH (Modulhertz rec)
◘ Eastone (Modulhertz rec)
◘ Fonclair B2B PHAT ERIC (Lauter Unfug)

▬ The Basement by Secret Society


• Legacid
• Siphlex
• M. Tekniqe
• Waters & Amnesia
• Master Error b2b Luxferd
• Hidden Perspective
• Jessee
• Jesta
• Thelostone


• Jim Madness
• Eric Bley
• Signuum
• Hidden Perspective

▬▬▬▬ General Info ▬▬▬▬

Doors: 15:00
Door Fee: 15€ < 17:00 < 20€

Special decoration, sound and more!
The Festival will be indoor and outdoor

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10. July 2017 • BLOG, EVENT

Hippies in Space w/ Sascha Braemer 2017-07-14

Lucky N° 7! Already our seventh video we did for your friends from Lauter Unfug Music. This time they invite Sascha Braemer for an unforgettable ‘Hippies in Space’ night.

▬▬▬▬ Hippies in Space ▬▬▬▬

For the last event before the summer break, we’ll send some hippies into space! Join us for this special themed party with no one else than:

Sascha Braemer (Katermukke/Bar25/WhatIplay)

To enchant people on the dance floor has been his mission for quite some time now, and somehow this mission turned into a never-ending frenzy. A frenzy, that controls his life now, no matter if he is partying with the crowd or staying completely sober. We’re happy to take Mr. sascha braemer off into orbit for this one!

▬▬▬▬ He will be joined by the Lauter Unfug residents:

Riven b2b PHAT ERIC (Lauter Unfug, Time Has Changed)
Alex Heide (Lauter Unfug)
Manu M b2b Jo’s (Cielo, Adjoa)
Kitchenguard (Lauter Unfug)

▬▬▬▬ Info ▬▬▬▬

Door Fee
10€ < 00:00 < 13€

Fair drink prices!
Special lights , decoration and more!

And this is the official trailer ….

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24. June 2017 • BLOG, EVENT

Analoger Unfug presents FHLR MUSIK (FHRL 001 Record Release) with Kaiserdisco and more

EXCITEMENT friends!! We drop our first release (FHLR 001) of our brand-new Techno label FEHLER MUSIK and celebrate it accordingly with a BIG BANG at Kosmonaut Berlin. We are happy that Kaiserdisco is flying in! It’s the same day of the “Zug der Liebe”, so you are invited to our afterparty ( and it’s actually not far away from where the parade ends! ).

▬▬▬▬ Open Air & Indoor ▬▬▬▬

Lauter Unfug, Fehler-Musik and Analogue Audio are inviting to another episode of Analoger Unfug! This time Indoor and open air with  Kaiserdisco, yapacc, dotSTRIPE, Anja Augner and many more.

▬▬▬▬ Line – Up ▬▬▬▬

Kaiserdisco (Drumcode, KD Raw)
yapacc (Perlon, Brise)
dotSTRIPE (Katermukke, Great Stuff, Lauter Unfug)
Anja Augner (Advanced White, Lauter Unfug)
Alex Heide b2b PHAT ERIC (Lauter Unfug, E.S.O.T.E.R.I.C.)
Bee Lincoln (Ususual, Analogue Audio)
Dominik Vaillant (Analogue Audio)
Mongroove b2b Hartojo (Fehler Musik)
Kitchenguard (Lauter Unfug)

▬▬▬▬ INFO ▬▬▬▬

Wiesenweg 1
10365 Berlin, Germany…

Listen to the mini-mix of FHLR 001 here:

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19. June 2017 • BLOG, EVENT

Michael Barenboim – Bach, Bartók, Boulez @Pierre Boulez Saal

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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12. June 2017 • BLOG, EVENT

The Duke Wants House w/ Dirty Doering & Beatamines

National Day Celebration in Luxembourg, of course Lauter Unfug is doing a party! Come and enjoy Dirty Doering, Beatamines, Riven b2b Alex Heide, ND Catani, PHAT ERIC b2b Early Mornin’, Fonclair and Kitchenguard.

The Duke Wants House w/ Dirty Doering & Beatamines // National Day Celebration

Dirty Doering (Katermukke)

We know you’ve been asking for him for many years and we are happy to announce that we will finally host the Katermukke Boss and Bar 25 resident on this very special day in Luxembourg!

Beatamines (Einmusika Recordings/Katermukke/Keno Records)

is our second headliner for the night. We cannot get enough of his mind blowing performances and driving house music!

They will be joined by the Lauter Unfug residents:
Riven b2b Alex Heide (Time Has Changed, Lauter Unfug)
ND Catani (Lauter Unfug)
PHAT ERIC b2b Early Mornin’ (Lauter Unfug)
Fonclair (Lauter Unfug)
Kitchenguard (Lauter Unfug)

Door Fee
10€ < 01:00 < 15€

Fair drink prices!
Special lights , decoration and more!

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12. May 2017 • BLOG, EVENT

The Baroque Room – Lauter Unfug and Housedeluxe presents Karotte

We are back from AfrikaBurn and South Afrika and back to creation mode: Lauter Unfug and Housedeluxe presents Karotte.

——— ⚜ THE BAROQUE ROOM ⚜ ——–

¸¸.•*¨*•¸ ¸.•*¨*• Be Baroque, be bizarre! ¸¸.•*¨*•¸ ¸.•*¨*•

“Dare to differ!”

Line Up :

Karotte (Official Fanpage) (Break New Soil / FFM)

One of the scenes’ best known DJs and Harry Klein resident is hearding to the Baroque Room. Eschewing from all contemporary trends and styles, he manages to fill the void between Tech/House, Trance and Acid. Let’s give a warm welcome to KAROTTE at GLOSS BAR & CLUB!

He will be joined by the Lauter Unfug and Housedeluxe residents:

◘ Riven b2b Alex Heide (Time Has Changed, Lauter Unfug)
◘ Tasso & Mitch (HouseDeluxe)
◘ PHAT ERIC b2b Fonclair (Lauter Unfug)
◘ Fred le Grand b2b Florian Foxx (HouseDeluxe)


▬▬▬▬ Door Fee & Location ▬▬▬

35, avenue John F. Kennedy
Kirchberg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

♣ 10€ < 00:00 < 15€

♣ Fair drink prices!

♣ Special lights , decoration and more!!!


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21. April 2017 • BLOG, BURNING MAN, EVENT

AfrikaBurn calling … again

AfrikaBurn 2017 is calling again. First South Africa impressions and a story that happened yesterday.

Got lost while looking for a bus stop. Asking an employee at a bus station, he told me to go somewhere else. In this very moment a homeless guy stepped in, offering to help me in this situation. From the explanation of the bus staff, I knew it was difficult to find, so I took the offered help. The official gave me a look of “get rid of this person”, but I felt comfortable with him.
His name was Damien, and he told me his story. Could be a smart way to get my sympathy, but you don’t know if someone is a liar. He gave me a lot of details about questions I put, which an uneducated person could not answer in this detail, actual happenings included. Or maybe he was just a brilliant storyteller … who knows?!

Arriving at the main bus station the official gave me the same look of prejudice like the guy before, but I paid the guy in any way for his help. Then asking the officials, they said I was at the wrong place and that I should go back where I came from.

I felt betrayed by the homeless, and I also felt into prejudice mode and pigeon-holed the guy like everybody else does. Back at the station I started, the bus staff asked me if I got robbed by the guy. I denied it and said that I paid him for showing me the way to the main station, which THEY had advised me to go in the first place.

So they looked also confused, but it looked like THEY don’t even know if this was right. But in the end, they kindly picked a bus for me that was running from their station.

Happily, I got to my location and hold finally my AfrikaBurn tent in my hands.

So back to Cape Town.

On the way home I realized, I landed at the main bus station …
The homeless guy was right, and brought me to the right place.

It’s so easy to fall into prejudice mode. Don’t let your first thoughts rule your life – you will be easily played, and you just fool yourself. Take the time and have a seat in the back, where you are able to see the whole thing.

See impressions below – use your keyboards left and right arrows keys to navigate, and press ESC once or twice to go back to the article.

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7. April 2017 • BLOG, BURNING MAN, EVENT

Burning Bär 2017 Aftermovie

Another Burn, another Bär!
Burning Bär 2017 is our kickoff into the 2K17 burner season … as being part of the Berlin Burners and Bär organizers, we documented the event again. The Burning Bär 2016 story is still our most read article on this blog, but this time we wanted to make something new.
Sit back, relax and enjoy our Burning Bär 2017 Aftermovie!

As always, CONSENT IS KING. We asked and included only four persons which are recognizable.
So the blur adds a touch for a rather artsy movie. Of course there was a lot of more going on.
But we want that people still have to discover a lot at future Burning Bärs.

Burner Mission N° 2 is also around the corner: AfrikaBurn 2017 – Play.

See what happened last year …

Part 1: AfrikaBurn People
Part 2: talking to Lil Black
Part 3: meeting the Spirit Train
Part 4: Takeoff
Part 5: Desert Fever



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