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18. August 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

Weekend warriors, get ready: Mon Groove in the mix!

Podcast 003 of our Techno label FHLR Musik is online.

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15. August 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

Mad or Nah! – Gaston Zani (Prospect Records, PSR072)

Pick of the week:
Gaston Zani with Mad or Nah! on Prospect Records, PSR072.

Press release:
In this oversaturated market it’s really hard to find an artist who can provide a package of tracks wisely linked between them for a single release. Hailing from the beautiful Argentina, Gaston Zani is an experienced artist that already showed his talent on Toolroom, Transmit , Agile, Loose and his very own Addeepted, just to name a few.
His debut on Prospect Records “Mad Or Nah EP” is a statement of Zani ‘s own musical taste: “Atmospheric” and “Mad Or Nah” remind us that Techno should be dark, aggressive and capable to move our wildest side. Fortified by a dope rework from the italian Tech-House maestro Tony Dee, this is another precious gem for the ravers.

Tracklist: Gaston Zani – Mad or Nah! (Prospect Records, PSR072)

01. Mad Or Nah!
02. Mad Or Nah! (Tony Dee Remix)
03. Atmospheric

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8. August 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

Fabio Neural – Shy EP (Intec, ID133)

Pick of the week:
Fabio Neural with Shy EP on Intec Digital, ID133.

Press release:
Carl Cox is an iconic figurehead of the electronic music industry, whose influential legacy includes his much famed label Intec, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell.

The new Intec release is from Fabio Neural who is an Intec regular and has also featured music on imprints such as Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, Kaiserdisco’s KD Music, Josh Wink’s Ovum and Adam Beyer’s label Truesoul.

Hotly tipped, Fabio Neural is a producer based in Italy but he also spent some years in Spain which led to him hosting a techno focused radio show for Ibiza Global Radio. He also travels the world as a popular DJ and regularly appears on the same club line-up’s as scene leaders such as Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing and Sven Väth.

An exciting talent, this four track solo EP is a fine example of why Italian born Fabio has earned international respect and a fan base that spans continents. Track one ‘Shy’ is spacious techno with an understated sound led by a bubbling acid-line that steers the track with purposeful momentum tailored for the dancefloor. Vocal stabs washed in delay flutter across the mix to create a spacious atmosphere, and clap rhythms add a sense of dramatic tension.

Second is ‘Whatever’ that has looped vocals, both uplifting and intense with a held tension ready to erupt. Propelled by the pulsating bassline, this track follows the philosophy of less is more to deliver a compelling slice of Techno gold. Without breaking boundaries, this track refines what many others struggle to achieve, and is a must have DJ tool perfect for peak time plays.

Tracklist: Fabio Neural – Shy EP (Intec, ID133)

01. Shy
02. Whatever

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4. August 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

LAUTER FREUNDE 3 [PART I] (Lauter Unfug, LUMC03P1)

Pick of the weekend:
LAUTER FREUNDE 3 [PART I] on Lauter Unfug Music, LUMC03P1.

Press release:
Lauter Unfug releases a brand new compilation that includes tracks by residents and friends that helped shape the label over time. This release merges the musical influences of the label and reaches out from deep and soulful house to Tech House and Techno. Every track has its own individual character and the well composed remixes underline that every artist has been guided by his unification to the label which has engaged in promoting them around Europe and the world.

The label has also given the artists the opportunity to experiment and therefore release some tunes that sound different to what you might expect given their past releases, so be ready to anticipate some surprises along the way.

Tracklist: LAUTER FREUNDE 3, PART 1 (Lauter Unfug, LUMC03P1)

01. Darknet (Phat Eric, Alex Heide)
02. Hypnosense (Andrew Martin)
03. Mischievous (Chook)
04. Date Night (Chris Hartwig)
05. Trap The Cap (Chris Hartwig)
06. Turn Ya Loose (dotSTRIPE)
07. Program 39 (Early Mornin)
08. Beacons & Dark Riffs (Fonclair)
09. Society Reloaded (Hartojo)
10. Ex Robot Friend (Heartbroken Boys)
11. Goodbye Luv (David Hasert, Patrick Petzold)

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1. August 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

Radio Slave (Floorplan Remixes) – Feel the Same (Rekids, REKIDS107)

Pick of the week:
Radio Slave with Feel the Same on Rekids, REKIDS107.

Press release:
Floorplan delivers two excellent reinterpretations of Radio Slave ‘Feel The Same’, the title track from the Rekids founder’s forthcoming album. Made up of former Underground Resistance member Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric, the Detroit duo needs little introduction and last year saw the release of their illustrious album ‘Victorious’ on Hood’s M-Plant.
The first remix of ‘Feel The Same’ extends to eight minutes long and is a journey; incorporating echoing chords, intricate percussion and a medley of esoteric effects whilst cackling laughter ebbs in and out of the mix. Meanwhile, the flip sees a more up front interpretation with its heady hook, rolling drums and energetic claps

Tracklist: Radio Slave – Feel the Same (Rekids, REKIDS107)

A Feel The Same (Floorplan Remix 1)
B Feel The Same (Floorplan Remix 2)

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28. July 2017 • BLOG

Estroe – Querulantism EP (Rosedale Records, ROSE019)

Pick of the weekend:
Estroe with Querulantism EP on Rosedale Records, ROSE019.

Press release:
Rotterdam-based producer and DJ Estroe makes a return to her own Rosedale Records this June with the ‘Querulantism’ EP, accompanied by a remixes from Justin Berkovi and Brendon Moeller.

Esther Roozendaal, better known as Estroe has been an integral part of the Dutch underground House and Techno scene and further afield across the globe for quite some time now having played some of the most respected clubs across the globe such as Berlin’s Berghain and Tresor, Rex Paris, Womb Tokyo and Sub Club Glasgow amongst many more. Amongst being a highly in demand DJ, Estroe’s back catalogue of compositions have seen her release via the likes of Rush Hour, Manual Music, Connaisseur Recordings and of course her own Rosedale Records where she returns to here.

Up first on the package is the original mix of ‘Querulant’, laid out over six minutes with intricately programmed shuffled rhythms, an amalgamation of glitched out chord and string samples and pulsating sub bass to create a hypnotic, unfolding opening cut. Following is a remix from Justin Berkovi who reworks the original into an evolving, melodious number with growling bass leads, popping percussion and tension building strings.

‘Murk’ opens the latter half of the package and sees Estroe offer up off-kilter percussion, menacing bass drones and a shadowy, ethereal aesthetic before Brendon Moeller offers up his interpretation of ‘Murk’ to close the package, taking a more hook-driven approach with swinging 808 drums, spiralling bass hits and heady vocal murmurs.

Estroe’s ‘Querulantism’ EP is out on Rosedale Records 26th June 2017.

Tracklist: Estroe – Querulantism EP (Rosedale Records, ROSE019)

01. Querulant
02. Querulant (Justin Berkovi Remix)
03. Murk
04. Murk (Bredon Moeller Remix)

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27. July 2017 • BLOG, NEWS

SUPERBOOTH17 Workshop Videos

Berlin, 27. July 2017 – More modular synthesizer news for the summer!
Summary of content: First Workshop Video of SUPERBOOTH17 online later this week. Gammon plans modular synthesizer ensemble workshop at DEFINE Festival. SchneidersLaden will be present at Krake and Atonal festivals in Berlin.

SUPERBOOTH17 Workshop Videos

1. More regularly unregular video releases of Workshops and Performances from SUPERBOOTH17,
SchneidersLaden and SchneidersBuero. Herr Schneider invited Gammon to his new video studio in
Berlin Kreuzberg, where they talked about the ideas behind the workshops Gammon held during
These workshops were specifically designed for school children. The participants were students from
schools in Berlin Mitte and Neukölln. With 10 individually configured modular synthesizers the group
was able to create different musical voices to interact and complement each other in a unique
composition that can be heard in one of the following videos. Besides some technical aspects of the
machines the children were working with, there was a focus on parallels to physical sounding
objects. These sounds are part of the wide range of sonic opportunities that can be found on
modular synthesizers.
2. In November Gammon plans to do a 3-day workshop at DEFINE Festival in Sønderborg, Denmark.
The concept for this workshop is to create a Modular Synthesizer Ensemble with the participants and
to be able to play a concert on the last day of the festival.

3. Tomorrow SchneiderLaden, Doepfer and other manufacturers of modular synthesizers will be
present at the Label Boutique Market of KRAKE Festival in Berlin. The festival invited lots of
independent music labels to spend the day together at the Label Boutique in order to create a
familiar space for Berlins vibrant electronic music scene. So if you are curious about this gathering or
the special path of creating electronic music with modulars make sure to say hello.

4. In August the Atonal Festival will happen in Berlin. The venue will be the outstanding Kraftwerk
again, with its impressive size and appearance. One of the most remarkable rooms of the building is
the former control center. SchneidersLaden will be there with some modular synthesizers – a perfect
combination to the complexity that has been controlled from this room during the past.

Chronological Summary:

28. July
Label Boutique Market – KRAKE Festival, Berlin: SchneidersLaden, Doepfer and others

29. July
Release of the first SUPERBOTH17 Workshop Video: Modular Synthesizer Ensemble with school
children, by Gammon (You can find the video at

16. – 20. August
Berlin Atonal: SchneidersLaden will be present in the control room with an installation of some nice
modular synthesizers

10. – 12. November
DEFINE Festival, Sønderborg, Denmark: Modular Synthesizer Ensemble, by Gammon

Make sure to check out the new Event Calendar at for the latest updates on modular

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25. July 2017 • BLOG

Rhyw – Cave Walls [Part One](Avian, AVN030)

Pick of the week:
Rhyw with Cave Walls [Part One] on Avian, AVN030.

Press release:
Alex Tsiridis of Cassegrain debuts on Avian as Rhyw.
The extended EP, which represents the second outing for Tsiridis under this moniker, sees the British producer pit a handful of elastic dance-floor workouts alongside a pair of more experimental, ambient reductions.
Despite careful processing rendering them decidedly monochrome, the dance-floor recordings maintain a curious colour and musicality. Lead synth sequences drive much of the work, ducking in and out of the sonic backwater with considerable dynamism – almost hook-like in their execution, sharpened with ample distortion and melding with intricate drum work to create subtle shifts in tone and energy that propel the work forward. Whilst reduced in it’s elements, like much of the best of the genre – the music sees those elements hard at work. Tsiridis places atypical focus on groove, eschewing a more linear approach in favour of a kind of greyscale funk that finds its potency in the contrast between components. ‘Iroquois’ and ‘Aversion Two’, the beatless compositions that appear on the EP isolate the ambient constituents of the work – with tonal nods to Drone and Noise musics whilst managing to hold on to the clandestine tunefulness that runs through the whole body of work.

Tracklist: Rhyw – Cave Walls [Part One](Avian, AVN030)

01. Aversion to Memory
02. Vixen for Society
03. Iroquois
04. Sylvan
05. Aversion Two

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21. July 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

Blackbill – 05 (BLCKBLL, BB05)

Pick of the weekend:
Blackbill with 05 on BLCKBLL, BB05.

Press release:
After sensational dj reactions on the first 4 Blackbill release the new artist loses no time and put all his energy in 2 new tracks. Great straight forward techno from a new label and artist. Probably even better than Vol. 01 – 04?

Tracklist: Blackbill – 05 (BLCKBLL, BB05)

01. 05-01
02. 05-02

Buy release: Digital

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18. July 2017 • BLOG, MUSIC

Mooz – Victim EP (Hidden Suite, HDDNST001)

Pick of the week:
Mooz with Victim EP on Hidden Suite, HDDNST001.
ISF’s favorite EP of the last weeks. Recommendation.

Press release:
Techno Producer Mooz Opens New Digital Record Label In Alicante

Seasoned Producer Mooz Launches Underground Techno Record Label: Hidden Suite

Alicante, Spain: Luis Mestanza, known on the techno circuit as ‚Mooz‘, announces the launch of his very own Hidden Suite Records on September 11th, 2017. For over 20 years he’s worked with some great DJs and producers and feels that starting his own label is a natural progression, but still a big leap to be making. The mission for launching the label is to leave the producer‘s mark on the history of techno.

Mooz plans to produce and release the music he loves, to his own standards and under his control. This provides a

Tracklist: Mooz – Victim EP (Hidden Suite, HDDNST001)

01. Victim
02. Probeta
03. Victim (Hertz Remix)

Buy release : soon (link will be inserted here)

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