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3. October 2017 • ARTISTS, BLOG, MUSIC

FHLR MUSIK Podcast #005 w/ Nobots

Todays podcast is my good friend Marco Doll, playing under the moniker Nobots. I am happy that he also belongs to the Fehler family now, his release is coming out in December and it also includes a remix from Elmar Strathe which you might know from Minus, Authentisch or his own label 5D Records.

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7. December 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG

Book review: André Bergelt – Affentanz (Mitteldeutscher Verlag)

During the hot Berlin summer nights we encountered André Bergelt, who you can also find at Arena Club. He told me about his book “Affentanz” – a Berlin nightlife tale about a uprising but struggeling electronic musician? Of course we had to look into that!
Proudly presenting our first book review on itsoundsfuture …  enjoy folks.

André Bergelt – Affentanz (Mitteldeutscher Verlag)

Author: André Bergelt

Title: Affentanz

Publisher: Mitteldeutscher Verlag

ISBN#: 978-3-95462-487-4

Format: Paperback, 304 pages

Press Info (German only):

„Wieso kann ich mich nicht an letzte Nacht erinnern?!“ Diese und andere existenzielle Fragen stellt sich der chronisch verpeilte Held regelmäßig im Anschluss an seine Ausflüge in den Club Zoo. Auch seine Freunde haben sich dem Feiern verschrieben – aber unser Held will mehr, er will im Zoo auflegen. Als er bei einem seiner Jobs, in diesem Fall als Wurstverkäufer, einem Mütterchen Gutes tut, revanchiert sich die Alte und schenkt ihm ein Amulett: Das Glück scheint ihm plötzlich gewogen. Doch alles Glück hat seinen Preis …

Tragikomischer Berlin-Roman voller Witz, Absurdität und kurioser Gestalten.

When you moved to Berlin, being an artist or to outlive your creative powers, it will be easy to identify yourself with the protagonist of the story. We have all been there: excessive parties and all the good (and bad) times with your friends which lures you off your creative path and future …

So how will the hero handle all this?

It is entertaining and fun to read, each chapter almost like a short story. It is also fascinating for me coming from West Germany to read about the system, the education and view of people coming from the east. You will find a lot of anecdotes in this book. I think, this is also one of the reasons why Berlin still is one of the most interesting cities in the world – two world wars, east meets west, the wall, finally coming together … the spirit is still here, gentrification runs at a low speed because of this resistance in the minds of the people. This is a good thing, a great thing and it is the one thing why Berlin is Berlin. You will find a cast of these characters in the book: creative, crazy, scarred for life but never capitulating to it, holding the head high against the tide of impressions and influences the city endlessly creates.

Buy book: Paperback

Excerpt Of A Reading:


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22. November 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG

In the studio with Jamaica Suk

The universe is back on our side and our team sticks strongly together. Earlier than expected we got the video interview of Jamaica Suk ready, almost in time since her US tour just started. As we wrote before, we were invited to interview this talented techno producer in her Berlin studio at Salon “Zur Wilden Renate“.

When we are equipped with more high quality technology in the near future, we will miss the circumstances in which we put together this first video interview.

Shaky camera, background noise, bad light conditions and cheesy effects, yes, we have it all, wrapped up in this remarkable piece of art.

Enjoy folks!

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11. November 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG

Upcoming: In the studio with Jamaica Suk

Itsoundsfuture was invited to interview the talented and uprising techno producer Jamaika Suk. So we followed her call and visited her in her studio at Salon “Zur Wilden Renate“.

Be pleased for the whole story, which is coming soon, yes, very soon here.

Upcoming: In the studio with Jamaica Suk -

Upcoming: In the studio with Jamaica Suk –

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27. September 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG, EVENT, MUSIC

Echocord Records 15 Years Anniversary @ Tresor – Fluxion live set

Last friday we were invited for Echocord Records 15 Years Anniversary at Tresor, where Fluxion played a live set.
Fluxion is a project by Konstantinos Soublis from Greece, who has been releasing his productions since 1998. Soublis‘s output had been referred to as a cornerstone in the techno/dub/ambient genres. His approach of liquid live-organic productions, incorporating techno, dub, ambient, sound design, has formed a signature sound that is point of reference for many producers.

Konstantinos Soublis’ music was born in urban Greece and came of age during the mid 90s amidst a city that existed in a state of flux like no other in the 20th century. The Greek was one of many musicians experimenting in Berlin around the turn of the millennium, part of a group on whom the city’s complex social, historical and political factors left an undeniable mark, both consciously and unconsciously.

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11. August 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG

Ricoloop – One Shot – Oranienstraße – Berlin

Like Mauro Picotto, Ricoloop was always there for me in Berlin. I came in 2005, and that was the year he started out. Found this great One Shot video by Arthur Moore yesterday, and we are happy to share it with you. It takes place in the Oranienstraße in Kreuzberg 36, which is just around the corner to the ISF headquarter. Enjoy this marvelous performance and great video!

Ricoloop // Arthur Moore

More info:
Filmed & Directed by: Arthur Moore

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Itsoundsfuture meets The Spirit Train at AfrikaBurn X 2016

Part three of our series about AfrikaBurn X 2016. We met the founders of the Spirit Train, Michael Kennedy and But Corpaci. For those who don’t know, the Spirit Train is for AfrikaBurn what the Robot Heart is for Burning Man in Black Rock City.


Introduce yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

BC: Hi, my name is But Corpaci, I’m originally from Italy. I moved to Cape Town just over five years ago to allow myself to try live a new life.
I grow up in the north/east of Italy in a small city named Udine near the Alps and not far from the border with Slovenia and Austria, a beautiful city that as been my home for my first 30 years. Since I moved to Cape Town my life has turned into what I will more simply describe as the best time of my life.
As main job and passion I own together with my sister Maybe and another friend and partner a small company named SkyLab. SKYLAB offers flexible camera movement solutions for the motion picture and commercial film industries in the air, through the use of an RPAS (commonly known as drone) and on the ground.
But this is only one part of my life, in fact this city in the past 5 years have allowed me to realize so many of my dreams and it keeps surprising me every year with more amazing adventures. One of those has been the realization of The Spirit Train, together with my dear friend Michael Kennedy that is actually the ideator of the concept itself.
I met Michael at Afrikaburn in 2013 and since our very first conversation we become very good loyal friends.

MK: Hello, my name is Michael Kennedy.
I do a few things – big and small, and will probably continue to search for that definitive answer to this question … but my love for music and experience in niche music event production lead to my involvement with The Spirit Train.

Michael Kennedy and But Corpaci, founders of the Spirit Train

Say hello to Michael Kennedy and But Corpaci, founders of the Spirit Train

How does it all started?

BC: It was a beautiful spring day of 2014 and we were out for a ride on our mountain bikes on one of the beautiful hills surrounding Cape Town, and i remember we were steaming uphill when with he said: “But … I had an idea for next year Afrikaburn… I wanna build a train and name it The Spirit Train”
Immediately I stopped cycling and asked him “Please do tell me more”.
Not long after that day we were spending sleepless nights thinking, talking and designing what is now known as Lobo the Spirit Train, a mutant art car that we have brought to the playa of Afrikaburn with the sole intention of gifting great happy moments to the all burner community.

MK: The concept was born from a particularly bad experience – and a moment in time which processed that into something life-changing. Ideas & drawings were thrown around and we simply had too many unanswered questions … until one day But & I decided it was either full steam ahead, or time to jump train. Thankfully, we decided to fund and build Lobo – whatever the cost.

Creation of The SPIRIT Train

Creation of The SPIRIT Train

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Itsoundsfuture meets Lil Black at AfrikaBurn X

Part two of our series about AfrikaBurn X 2016. We met Lil Black, one of the founding five of AfrikaBurn.


Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

Lil Black: Creative Agitator from Cape Town, who likes to make and tries to grow things.

ISF: We love the agitators of the world. Especially as a Berliner being an agitator is imprinted in our DNA; two world wars, the wall, east meets west … you know. So we are curious, what do you make and grow, which are your current projects?

Lil Black: Creative agitation is a bit like embroidery, stitching threads that connect ideas and actions and relationships. I try and grow food. And flowers.
Current project – designing a frail care wing for my elderly parents who live with us – it is my most challenging architectural and design project so far, and also the most meaningful.

What is your background?

Lil Black: Antiques/ art gallery owner, designer, décor editor, stylist, party maker, unsuccessful farmer.

ISF: We are glad your projects grow better than your veggies. 😉

What is your involvement in AfrikaBurn? You were mentioned as one of the founding five.

Lil Black: My involvement was just as an original co-agitator right at the very beginning – Paul Jorgensen brought the concept to Africa and managed to get the blessing of Burning Man to make it an official regional, Robert Weinek has faithfully kept the original concept alight for ten years but the event is really the product of thousands of crazy participants – some gifted large sums of money, others devoted years of their lives and made many personal sacrifices – all have invested their intense love and an insane amount of belief into making AfrikaBurn. The San Clan symbol depicts this community so brilliantly – one body, many heads and dancing feet kicking up the dust of the Tankwa.

2006 First BOSBERAAD beside the river at MaLplaas – Paul Jorgensen explaining about Burning Man

2006 First BOSBERAAD beside the river at MaLplaas – Paul Jorgensen explaining about Burning Man

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26. April 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG, TECH

Jan Willem Hagenbeek of Ginko Synthese

Jan Willem Hagenbeek

Jan Willem gave a live performance at C-Base, the hackerspace in Berlin, on April 3, 2016, which was a workshop and afterparty of the 1st Superbooth16 Synthesizer festival. Other artist/module designers were also giving live performances, including Snazzy FX, Befaco, Rebel Technologies and 000.

Jan has been performing for 14 years, ten years of which he gave collaborative performances with his friend Martin Epskamp, who performs as Klankman on Bunker Records. He performs mostly solo now, creating a live art experience on stage, and uploading music to Soundcloud sometimes as Colloid. Jan was on a personal search for what he wanted in his modular system, which led to his first designs.

Designing modules available to the public as Ginko Synthese for 4 years, Jan initially started out as an architect. He believes there is an overlap in the design of architectural structures and synthesizer components. Jan has no engineering background but is embodying the true spirit of DIY, 100% self-taught via the internet, printing out schematics and finding out the ‘what, how and why’ they work the way they do, utilizing trial-and-error based techniques. His first module that he put on the market was the TTLFO, and within 3 days he had requests for 100+ modules.


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24. February 2016 • ARTISTS, BLOG, HISTORY

24hours in the life of the greatest artists of all time

Time. Constantly drifting away.

Incessantly and inevitably sand falls in the hourglass of Life.
How to orient oneself in this infinite desert? How to get all the music out of your head, and all these other creative projects, before you kick the bucket?
The rising heat reinforces the feeling that time is running faster and faster…
you are literally in a race against it.

Where is the damn path which brings me into the lush green gardens of an oasis where my ideas burgeon like tulips in the spring?

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